Or Else, the Lightning God


The project brief is to create a cover for a DVD adaptation of this book, through the use of both traditional and digital art. I chose this book by Catherine Lim, in the same title.

I’m taking the scene where the daughter-in-law has thrown out the mother-in-law when she heard that the mother is bad mouthing about her to the neighbours. It was raining heavily outside, the mother only took one briefcase with her. I decided to use this scene where it shows the two ladies standing facing o one another despite the heavy rain, which shows tension between the two.

The rule of thirds is applied to this, shown by the light spilling out from the door behind the daughter. This set up/ composition is for the viewer to feel the tension of these two ladies, them standing in the middle of the rain will also peak curiosity from the viewer. But mainly, it is to show how symmetry is applied in such a way that although the ladies mirror one another, they have such an opposing view towards women’s place in the society.

Disclaimer: This is a student project. I am in no way affiliated with Catherine Lim, or Paramount Pictures.

Completed in

February 2017

DVD Simulation
DVD Cover Design
DVD Cover Design